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Blade Outlet Saves The Day In Two Belated Installation Requests

07/ 23 / 2017

More and more people are discovering in-drawer charging outlets to organize and clear technology clutter. Sometimes it happens early in the life of the project, but many times it’s often at a later stage–like when cabinets have already been ordered or after the updated kitchen is already being put into place. The good new is that no matter when you discover how perfect in-drawer outlets are for your project, there is a safe, ETL-listed solution that can be installed to help keep your countertops clutter-free and your tech tucked out of sight.

The all-new Blade Series in-drawer charging outlets by Docking Drawer are an easy to install solution to the often belated in-drawer outlet request. Unlike prior in-drawer outlets which required drawers to be heavily modified, Blade outlets can be installed into almost any standard, custom, framed or frameless cabinet as-is which saves the not only time but also the added costs of purchasing a shortened drawer box.


Recently, Blade outlets were used in two separate, late-stage projects designed by Studio Dearborn: Pirates Cove and the Barry Project. Both projects featured inset cabinets within the kitchens–a popular hub for socialization and tech use in both families. Sarah Robertson at Studio Dearborn turned to the experts at Docking Drawer for help with their late-stage requests for in-drawer outlets in their kitchen. The newly released Blade series was the perfect charging outlet for the job, being fit into the project late in the installation stages quickly and easily. Using the electrical planning guide found in the Docking Drawer Resource Library, both families were able to create kitchen charging stations with no problems.


“No matter what challenge I throw at Docking Drawer, they always have a powering or charging outlet that is perfectly in line with the needs of my clients,” said Sarah Robinson of Studio Dearborn. “We’re always glad to work with them as their level of professionalism and innovation is second to none.”


With Blade, customers who are coming to Docking Drawer incredibly late in their installation have received an excellent ETL-Listed product. What is more, they get it installed with no costly alterations to their project. We’re always pleased to turn the feedback from our partners and customers into fresh, new products that make their lives simpler.


Live Well in Small Bathroom Spaces

06/ 05 / 2017

We’ve all been there – the small bathroom. Almost nothing is more frustrating in your living space than this. Whether it’s in your forever home or your temporary one, there are some great ways that you can expand your tiny bath and make it a space you’re comfortable being in. If you need even more inspiration, be sure to visit our Bathroom Ideas Pinterest board following this blog.

Kick Up Your Colors

A small bathroom is one place where bright colors can give a pop of personality. Whether you paint an entire wall or you invest in bright accessories like shower curtains and rugs, color can be exactly what your tiny bathroom is missing.

Glass Makes for the Perfect Illusion

Does your small bathroom look cramped? Perhaps the problem is that your tiny room is stuffed to the gills with a sink, toilet, and tub. If you have the option, replace your tub with a glass shower. Glass enclosures give you and your guests the illusion of space because they allow you to see from one side of your bath to the other.

Bathroom with glass shower

Find a Special Place for Towel Racks

Traditionally, a towel rack goes on your walls. When it comes to a small bathroom, wall space can be precious. Remove your towel rack from the wall and install it somewhere unique–like on the back of your bathroom door

Declutter Countertops

Nowhere is clutter more visible than in a tiny bathroom. Keep your curling irons and hair dryers tucked away inside a vanity drawer. Like to keep them plugged in? Consider installing a Docking Drawer Power Outlet inside your vanity.

Docking Drawer Power Outlet in vanity

Add Open Shelving

Whether you have free space above the toilet or there is an unused foot or two above your bathroom door, don’t discount spaces that can handle open shelving. Store toilet paper, makeup, deodorant, extra bath supplies, and more atop open, floating shelves that give the illusion of bigger space as once again you can see from one side of your bath to the other.

Install a Storage Mirror

Sure you can hide a few daily necessities inside the mirror above your sink, but why not think bigger? Install a full length mirror with storage space on an open wall. You can build it yourself or find a stylish alternative at your local home improvement store.

storage mirror

It isn’t always easy to live well in a small bathroom. Thankfully, we have a lot of storage and decluttering options available to us in today’s market that can help us really open up the space.

Interested in installing a Docking Drawer Powering Outlet into your small bathroom? Talk to one of our experts today! Also, don’t miss Living Well in Small Urban Space, also part of the Docking Drawer Live Well blog series.


5 Great Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

05/ 25 / 2017

Who has the very best kitchen drawers? You will right after you read this article and gain a little inspiration. 

tbx_space_corner_header.pngAre your empty corners driving you crazy? Check out Space Corner drawers from our friends at Blum. They’re designed to fit in what is arguably one of the most underutilized spaces in your kitchen–and it keeps all of your contents perfectly organized.

Up until now, you’ve probably stored important kitchen utensils like whisks and pasta stirrers in a canister on your countertop. Cease countertop clutter with this in-drawer utensil organizer from Rev-A-Shelf  instead. Made to resemble a traditional three-drawer configuration this cabinet will have guests oohing and ahhing.

Speaking of ridding your countertops of clutter, don’t forget that a Docking Drawer makes the perfect drawer accessory. Instead of charging cell phones, tablets, and laptops in the same place you’re trying to prepare dinner, tuck that tech away in a drawer and let it charge, too.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 9.44.52 AM.pngJust because something is out of sight–is it out of mind? Yes, we’re talking about those cheap, plastic drawer organizers you picked up at your local home goods store. Toss them out and instead invest in a Deluxe Organizer from Dura Supreme Cabinetry. Beautifully designed, they feature a cutlery divider in addition to six stainless steel spice jars. You’ll be in awe every time you slide open your drawer.

Make last time THE last time you have to dig around for exactly what you’re looking for. Dress your cabinets with these beautifully designed pullout drawers. With a simple tug, everything within your cabinet is right in front of you.

Do you have more suggestions for how to make kitchen cabinets great? We’d love to hear from you.


Peace of Mind Comes from Docking Drawer ETL Listed Outlets

05/ 18 / 2017

At Docking Drawer, we talk quite a bit about the fact that almost ALL of our outlets are ETL Listed. This means our outlets are tested by Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTLs) which are independent laboratories recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). They test products to the specifications of product safety codes. But what does it mean to be ETL Listed to the UL 962a and CSA-22.2 standards–and why should our customers care?

DD blog etl listed.png

First, let’s break down all of technical jargon that’s causing your head to spin. A product that is ETL Listed is determined to have met the minimum requirements of prescribed product safety standards. Docking Drawer tests beyond these standards–we always have and we always will. A standard cycle test is 25,000. At Docking Drawer, we cycle test 500,000 which represents the drawer opening and closing every 15 minutes for 30 years. Yes, you read that correctly. Why so much testing?

We really are serious about the safety of our customers.

Safety is in our roots while design falls second on the scale of importance. Every single one of our in-drawer outlets can boast proof of product compliance to North American safety standards–that’s a huge deal! This means that our outlets comply with building codes and can pass inspections made by professionals that determine whether or not a building or home is inhabitable. If you don’t pass the safety inspection, you don’t get to move in. Docking Drawer is designed in such a way that inspectors can approve them, unlike outlets hacks one might find on Pinterest.  

Don’t believe us?

We’ve never had a single Docking Drawer returned because it didn’t pass a professional inspection. Not one. This includes some of the toughest inspector markets like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

At Docking Drawer, we don’t want our outlets to be anything less than extremely safe for our customers to use. Because we offer over 80 different in-drawer outlet configurations including more than 50 Charging outlets and over 30 Powering outlets, that’s a really tall order. Still, we’ve risen to the challenge. In taking the time to ensure that our outlets are properly designed and tested, we are confident that we’ve taken all of the necessary precautions when it comes time to send our outlets off to customers.

We invite you to look over our UL 962 and CSA 22.2 reports yourselves. 

Docking Drawer provides valuable technology. When you install an ETL Listed outlet in your home or business, you’ll know that you have a safe, reliable powering or charging source at your fingertips.


New European Outlets Are Coming to Docking Drawer

05/ 09 / 2017

Have you heard of Interzum? It is the world’s leading trade fair for furniture production and interior design. Said to be the place where the most important business is conducted and momentum for the global cabinet and furniture supply industry is created, Docking Drawer is delighted to announce that we’ll be attending Interzum May 16–19, 2017 in Cologne, Germany.

While there, we’re going to be showing off our brand new series of European outlets! There will be two versions of outlets for our friends in Europe–and either one should work for most new customers. First, our charging outlet (Euro Duo) will have four USB ports and an input voltage of 100–240 VAC. The 5’ cord for this Docking Drawer will be changeable, suited to the needs of outlets in any European country. Designed to fit up to 610mm deep cabinets, the Euro Duo requires a minimum drawer width of 454mm.

Second, our powering outlet (Euro Trio) for Europe is going to be very unique consisting consisting of three modular receptacles capable of supporting main outlets, RCB’s, USB’s, and more. Again, every European country will be supported no matter what their plug configuration is. A built in thermostat will disconnect power if the temperature within a customer’s drawer exceeds 55 ̊C. Complete with a hard wire power connection, the input voltage on our Euro Trio is 220–240 VAC and it is designed to fit cabinets up to 533mm deep. These outlets will require a 305mm minimum drawer width.

Euro Outlets.jpg

We’re looking forward to meeting some of the industry’s biggest decision makers and opinion leaders at Interzum next month! We’re also excited to show off these all-new outlets and demonstrating just how easy Docking Drawer is to specify and how safe they are for our customers around the world.

Euro Outlets 2 Outlets.jpgDownload a PDF of the Docking Drawer European outlet brochure HERE.

Do you want to connect with us at Interzum? Email us today to set up an appointment.

Pro Specification Tip: GFCI Outlets

05/ 08 / 2017

It’s time for another pro specification tips from the experts at Docking Drawer! If you consider yourself a Docking Drawer install expert, this is the blog series for you. The tips are more advanced, helping you achieve even higher levels of professionalism when it comes time to install a Docking Drawer for your customer.

That being said, we often get the question: Can I wire my GFCI outlets in series with another GFCI? Generally speaking the answer is yes. Check out the drawing below. In it, we can see how the outlets are to be wired. Let’s call the first outlet the “Parent” and the second the “Child”. f the Parent outlet GFCI trips, it will cut power to the Child. Therefore it’s important to know where the Mother outlet is located so that it can be reset if needed.

Outside of this instance, connecting a Style Drawer to a GFCI outlet shouldn’t be a problem.

Want more advice from the experts at Docking Drawer? Stay tuned for our next pro-specification tip!

GFCI drawing Docking Drawer.png

Pro Specification Tip - More Extension is Better

05/ 01 / 2017

As a Docking Drawer expert (or as someone who has some experience with Docking Drawer installations) we felt it was time to share several more advanced specification tips with you. After all, you’ve already installed a Docking Drawer or two–you’re ready for some deeper insights.

What is a pro specification tip? These are best practices intended to make specifying a Docking Drawer (and life in general) easier.

Our first pro specification tip of the series is:

Specify the outlet with the most extension that fits into your projects.

What do we mean by this? As you probably already know, Docking Drawer outlets are specified by cabinet NOT drawer depth. For example, if you have charging application in a 24” deep base kitchen cabinet, you will obviously want to specify a Docking Drawer 24 Slim series outlet in order allow the drawer to fully extend and to create an in-drawer charging station. Simple, right?

But wait, you say. What if my base kitchen cabinet is only 21” or 18” deep? What size outlet should I specify? Shouldn't I just specify a Docking Drawer 21” or 18” Slim series outlet?

This is a great question and we’re asked this more often than you may think. Luckily, the answer is simple: as a best practice specify the outlet that offers the most extension that fits into your projects. In the case of the 21” cabinet, if the space behind the drawer is at greater than or equal to 17 ½” wide, then specify a Docking Drawer 24” Slim series outlet. The outlet not only offer more extension, but it also fits within the allotted space. By specifying an outlet that provides more extension, the arms move less and the undermount slides can be released to pull the drawer box out without having to remove the receptacle box.  

Keep in mind that the same rules apply for all Docking Drawer powering outlets.

We’re also excited to announce that this summer, to support the growing demand and fit the specifications of more projects, Docking Drawer will be launching more charging and powering outlet series ensuring more sizes than ever before to ensure we have an outlet for every type of project.

Would you like more advanced pro tips from Docking Drawer? Stay tuned as we continue to develop them.

How to and When to Use the Docking Drawer Resource Libraries

04/ 13 / 2017

Everyone could use a helping hand. When it comes to planning an in-drawer electrical outlet, we admit–there are a lot of questions.

  • Do I specify a charging or powering outlet?
  • Which size should I specify?
  • How do I plan for an in-drawer outlet installation?
  • What are the receptacle box cutout dimensions?
  • How do I plan for electrical supply in my cabinet?
  • Where are the installation Instructions?

Lucky for you, the Docking Drawer experts have built and continue to build robust resource libraries to help make specifying an in-drawer outlet easy. In fact, we’ve pulled together a variety of detailed resources aimed at helping both new and existing customers make specifying an in-drawer outlet simple.

Find out more about what each library offers, at what stage of your Docking Drawer installation you might find the instructions most useful, and much more.

I Want to Install a Docking Drawer Outlet–How Do I Get Started?

We’re always so excited to hear when someone is ready to move forward with specifying and installing in-drawer outlets. We have libraries dedicated specifically to specification and installation questions but don’t forget– you can always call us to discuss the specifics of your particular installation. We all tend to be in good moods (having an office in California does that to people) and our team (who we hire specifically because they love talking to people) would be happy to help you choose the right outlet for your project.

Of course, if you’re a bit more independent you can absolutely get to work on your own using nothing more than the resources we’ve pulled together two informative libraries.

The Docking Drawer Specification Library

Specification Library

The Docking Drawer Specification Library is the key to any and all the technical resources you may need in order to plan and specify an in-drawer outlet. Your first stop, this is the library you’ll want to use to plan out your installation. Our most visited library, we’ve stuffed it full of helpful information built from questions of people just like you.

In this library, you’ll find:

  • Submittal documents
  • Mounting Diagrams detailing dimensions for space planning and receptacle box cut out dimensions
  • DXF and STEP files for importing into 2D and 3D design programs
  • Specification Videos (Coming Soon)
  • And more!

What is our top resource in this library? The mounting diagrams are probably our most asked after spread in here. That’s because they contain all of the details needed to plan your installation. Simply download the PDF and pass it along to your millworker, cabinet maker, general contractor, or whoever is helping you with your project. They’ll take it from there.

The second most popular item in this library is definitely the submittal documents. Popular among designers and architects, these documents help professionals specify Docking Drawer into up and coming projects.

The Docking Drawer Installation Library

Installation Library

Helpful library number two is our Docking Drawer Installation Library which contains all the resources you may need when installing an in-drawer outlet including:

  • Electrical Planning Guide detailing how to bring in and locate power for an in-drawer outlet
  • Installation planning tips and tricks for narrow drawers, retrofit tips, and more
  • In-Drawer outlet installation instructions
  • Wiring diagrams
  • And more!

The Docking Drawer Marketing and Media Library

Do you LOVE Docking Drawer and you’re looking for ways to promote us through social media, blogging, your magazine, or another source? Access the Docking Drawer Marketing Library for access to:

  • High-resolution product photos and logos
  • 3D images
  • Videos
  • Banner ads
  • Press releases
  • And more!

Docking Drawer Videos

COMING SOON! Are you more of a visual learner? At Docking Drawer we understand that installing our outlets can seem intimidating just because of the amount of information we provide on our products. The good news is, installing a Docking Drawer outlet is extremely easy–and we’re putting together videos for both our Installation Library and our Specification Library to prove it! Instead of reading up on “how to” you can watch and learn. We’ll offer videos for:

  • How to choose the right Docking Drawer outlet
  • How to plan for an installation
  • Docking Drawer safety features
  • Sneak peeks of what we’re working on
  • Much more!

Also, if you have an idea for our upcoming video library, please share it with us! We’d love to hear from our customers about what they want to see.

At Docking Drawer, we like to ensure that our customers have everything they need in order to be successful. If there is something missing from our resources or if you would like more detailed information on something, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help.

Contact Us


Rise and Shine! Install Docking Drawer Where You Start Your Day

03/ 27 / 2017

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? If you’re like most people, you probably reach for your smartphone. In fact, Deloitte Global shares that an overwhelming 61% of people check their smartphones within 5 minutes of waking up. That number jumps to 88% when considering people who check their phones within 30 minutes of waking up. Don’t even get us started on what the survey had to say about how often people check their phones throughout the day!

It probably goes without saying that keeping our tech charged up is vital to today’s world. This is especially true in the wee hours of the morning when we’re most likely to be getting caught up on news, emails, and text messages that came in while we were catching our Z’s. Where do we find ourselves getting ready these days? Why, expansive walk-in closets, fancy new mud rooms, and dual purpose laundry rooms, of course!

Tech Banner #1.jpg

These spaces in our homes are no longer just one of those “don’t know what to do with it but everyone else has it” spaces. Instead, they’re becoming the tech hubs of a home where we keep everything we need in order to prepare for our day. We store our Garmin, Fitbit, Apple watch, Google Glasses, Bluetooth Headsets, wireless earbuds, and so much more in our closets these days. We also carry our smartphones with us everywhere we go. And being that our tech isn’t useful unless it’s charged up and ready to go, there’s no better place in your home to store your tech in an organized fashion than than in your closet.

Wait – Charging tech in closets, mudrooms, and laundry rooms? How do you do that?

We are so glad that you asked! Docking Drawer manufactures in-drawer outlets specifically designed to charge today’s technology such as smartphones, tablets, wearables, and laptops. Docking Drawer outlets can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously and they feature a UL Listed circuit breaker that limits the AC output to 3amps to prevent high power devices such as hair dryers from being used to minimize risk and ensure safe operation. Of course, if you’d like to organize your hair dryer, curling iron, electric razor, and more we also have a Docking Drawer outlet for that–but that’s another blog.

Tech Banner #2.jpg

How do I specify an outlet into my next project?

Ask your closet or cabinet supplier to include a Docking Drawer in the project. Our outlets were designed to be incredibly easy to implement into any project, no matter its scale. In fact, our newest series of outlets, the up and coming Blade series, are our smallest outlets yet. The new Blade series outlets are designed to fit into standard cabinet depths without any hassle, so they fit into manufacturer standard drawers or drawers that already exist. You don’t have to remodel your closet, laundry room, or even your bathroom to install a charging outlet! Also, it’s important to note that NO electrical contractor is needed to install the charging outlet. Docking Drawer charging outlets just plug into an existing outlet, ensuring just about anyone can install it, from professionals to do it yourself-ers.

Make Kitchen Social.jpg

Do you want a Docking Drawer outlet installed in your next home project? Talk to your local closet company or cabinet maker and show them Docking Drawer. There’s no reason why you can’t keep your tech juiced up for the day ahead.

Clear Bathroom Clutter with Outlets from Docking Drawer

03/ 17 / 2017

Are you cringing thinking of just how messy your bathroom countertops are right now? We spend a lot of time in bathrooms. Women blow dry, straighten, and even curl their hair plus use electric shavers and toothbrushes. Meanwhile men use electric razors and trimmers.  What’s more, everything is fighting for counter space. At Docking Drawer, we believe there’s a better way to tame and organize that bathroom clutter–and it all begins with an in-drawer power outlet.

What are Docking Drawer Powering Outlets?

Style Drawer Flush Collage.jpg

We’re so glad you asked!

Docking Drawers are fully tested in-drawer outlet assemblies that can easily be specified into almost any vanity drawer. In fact, we actually make two types of in-drawer powering outlets depending on your needs: Style Drawer and Style Drawer Flush. The Style Drawer and Style Drawer Flush powering outlets are most commonly specified into bathrooms but can be used for kitchen appliances and power tools as well. These outlets feature a 20 amp, GFCI tamper resistant outlet which includes an integrated thermostat that cuts power to the outlet in the event that the surrounding temperature exceeds 120 degrees to minimize any risk or other damage.

Where Should I Install a Docking Drawer Power Outlet?

We love being asked this question! Style Drawer powering outlets are perfect for helping you keep your bathroom organized and the cords associated with various hair care tools such as hair dryers and curling irons, tucked out of sight. Add powering outlets into drawers, as a vertical styling station, and pair with Pojjo canisters for a sleek, sophisticated look inside your cabinets. The Style Drawer can be specified into any vanity, no matter how large or small. You can order them factory direct or order cabinetry that comes complete with a Docking Drawer outlet plus a style studio from one of our cabinet partners Dura Supreme Cabinetry, Bellmont Cabinets, and Wellborn Cabinets.

Style Drawer series outlet.png

Why a Docking Drawer?

At Docking Drawer, we’re proud to have roots in everything from engineering to semiconductor to research. It was to our benefit in the Docking Drawer design stages and it’s to your benefit as our customers. That’s because unlike popular Pinterest electrical strip hacks, Docking Drawers are purpose built to be safe, reliable, and meet a variety of standards set forth by the government. We’re ETL Listed, and best of all our outlets pass the approvals from building inspectors. Docking Drawer outlets are not only safe to use, but they’re also innovative and provide a functional source of power while offering a clutter-free aesthetic–DIY hacks can’t do that as they don’t have interlocking safety features and thermostatic shut-offs.

I’m Not Remodeling My Bathroom. Can I Still Install a Docking Drawer Power Outlet?

Yes! Docking Drawer power outlets can be installed into any project–not just new ones. The issue is space. Typically there is no space available behind the drawer for a Style Drawer Series outlet. To make space available for  Style Drawers, we developed a retrofit panel. The back of the drawer box can be removed or modified and our retrofit panel (or a panel you create yourself) can be inserted to allow your Style Drawer outlet to fit. Need a little assistance with sourcing power to your new outlet? Our Electrical Planning Guide will lay out everything you need to plan your Docking Drawer installation.

I’m Ready to Install a Docking Drawer Power Outlet. Where Do I Begin?

Congratulations! We’re really excited to bring you on as a Docking Drawer customer. If you’re ready to move forward with an installation, you can always call us to discuss the specifics of your particular installation. Our experts are always in a good mood and would be happy to help you choose the right outlet for your project. That being said, you can also get to work on your own using the two libraries we’ve created just for our customers.

Docking Drawer Specification Library


The Docking Drawer Specification Library contains all the technical resources you need to specify an in-drawer outlet such as:

  • Submittal documents
  • Mounting Diagrams detailing dimensions for space planning and receptacle box cut out dimensions
  • DXF and STEP files for importing into 2D and 3D design programs

Docking Drawer Installation Library


The Docking Drawer Installation Library contains all the resources you need to install an in-drawer outlet including:

  • Electrical Planning Guide detailing how to bring in and locate power for an in-drawer outlet
  • Installation planning tips and tricks for narrow drawers, retrofit tips, and more
  • In-Drawer outlet installation instructions
  • Wiring diagrams
Ready to Purchase Your Docking Drawer Powering Outlet?

Docking Drawer outlets can be purchased online or through your local cabinet and electrical distributors.

Want one one one help specifying an outlet into your projects? Just reach out and contact us!


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