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Clear Bathroom Clutter with Outlets from Docking Drawer

03/ 17 / 2017

Are you cringing thinking of just how messy your bathroom countertops are right now? We spend a lot of time in bathrooms. Women blow dry, straighten, and even curl their hair plus use electric shavers and toothbrushes. Meanwhile men use electric razors and trimmers.  What’s more, everything is fighting for counter space. At Docking Drawer, we believe there’s a better way to tame and organize that bathroom clutter–and it all begins with an in-drawer power outlet.

What are Docking Drawer Powering Outlets?

Style Drawer Flush Collage.jpg

We’re so glad you asked!

Docking Drawers are fully tested in-drawer outlet assemblies that can easily be specified into almost any vanity drawer. In fact, we actually make two types of in-drawer powering outlets depending on your needs: Style Drawer and Style Drawer Flush. The Style Drawer and Style Drawer Flush powering outlets are most commonly specified into bathrooms but can be used for kitchen appliances and power tools as well. These outlets feature a 20 amp, GFCI tamper resistant outlet which includes an integrated thermostat that cuts power to the outlet in the event that the surrounding temperature exceeds 120 degrees to minimize any risk or other damage.

Where Should I Install a Docking Drawer Power Outlet?

We love being asked this question! Style Drawer powering outlets are perfect for helping you keep your bathroom organized and the cords associated with various hair care tools such as hair dryers and curling irons, tucked out of sight. Add powering outlets into drawers, as a vertical styling station, and pair with Pojjo canisters for a sleek, sophisticated look inside your cabinets. The Style Drawer can be specified into any vanity, no matter how large or small. You can order them factory direct or order cabinetry that comes complete with a Docking Drawer outlet plus a style studio from one of our cabinet partners Dura Supreme Cabinetry, Bellmont Cabinets, and Wellborn Cabinets.

Style Drawer series outlet.png

Why a Docking Drawer?

At Docking Drawer, we’re proud to have roots in everything from engineering to semiconductor to research. It was to our benefit in the Docking Drawer design stages and it’s to your benefit as our customers. That’s because unlike popular Pinterest electrical strip hacks, Docking Drawers are purpose built to be safe, reliable, and meet a variety of standards set forth by the government. We’re ETL Listed, and best of all our outlets pass the approvals from building inspectors. Docking Drawer outlets are not only safe to use, but they’re also innovative and provide a functional source of power while offering a clutter-free aesthetic–DIY hacks can’t do that as they don’t have interlocking safety features and thermostatic shut-offs.

I’m Not Remodeling My Bathroom. Can I Still Install a Docking Drawer Power Outlet?

Yes! Docking Drawer power outlets can be installed into any project–not just new ones. The issue is space. Typically there is no space available behind the drawer for a Style Drawer Series outlet. To make space available for  Style Drawers, we developed a retrofit panel. The back of the drawer box can be removed or modified and our retrofit panel (or a panel you create yourself) can be inserted to allow your Style Drawer outlet to fit. Need a little assistance with sourcing power to your new outlet? Our Electrical Planning Guide will lay out everything you need to plan your Docking Drawer installation.

I’m Ready to Install a Docking Drawer Power Outlet. Where Do I Begin?

Congratulations! We’re really excited to bring you on as a Docking Drawer customer. If you’re ready to move forward with an installation, you can always call us to discuss the specifics of your particular installation. Our experts are always in a good mood and would be happy to help you choose the right outlet for your project. That being said, you can also get to work on your own using the two libraries we’ve created just for our customers.

Docking Drawer Specification Library


The Docking Drawer Specification Library contains all the technical resources you need to specify an in-drawer outlet such as:

  • Submittal documents
  • Mounting Diagrams detailing dimensions for space planning and receptacle box cut out dimensions
  • DXF and STEP files for importing into 2D and 3D design programs

Docking Drawer Installation Library


The Docking Drawer Installation Library contains all the resources you need to install an in-drawer outlet including:

  • Electrical Planning Guide detailing how to bring in and locate power for an in-drawer outlet
  • Installation planning tips and tricks for narrow drawers, retrofit tips, and more
  • In-Drawer outlet installation instructions
  • Wiring diagrams
Ready to Purchase Your Docking Drawer Powering Outlet?

Docking Drawer outlets can be purchased online or through your local cabinet and electrical distributors.

Want one one one help specifying an outlet into your projects? Just reach out and contact us!

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How to Specify and Plan an In-Drawer Outlet into your Projects

03/ 11 / 2017

Studio Dearborn Banner.jpg

Sure, you’ve heard about Docking Drawer outlets–but do you know how to add an in-drawer outlet into your cabinets?

Remember: Install In-Drawer Outlets Safely

Unlike popular DIY in-drawer power strips or your contractor using off the shelf electrical components, Docking Drawer in-drawer outlets are safe and reliable. Additionally, they offer interlocking safety features that cut power to the outlet in the event of an emergency to help minimize risk. In-drawer electrical strip hacks can't do that!

Specifying a Docking Drawer in-drawer outlet is easy as long as you plan ahead. We’ve made it simple to learn our specification process and this blog will walk you through those steps one at a time.

First, Choose a Location
Take control of clutter by creating in-drawer charging or powering stations. Have a need elsewhere? You can also use Docking Drawer outlets to create charging stations in night stands, desks, and drop zones. No matter which space you choose, you can be sure a Docking Drawer will help you stay plugged in.


Second, Choose the Right Outlet
Based on your application, Docking Drawer, offers two types of outlets. To decide what your application is, ask yourself these two questions:

          #1 - Will the outlet be used to charge phones, tablets, and laptops?
          #2 - Will the outlet be used to power a hair dryer, hand mixer, or power tools?

If you answered yes to question #1, choose a charging outlet for your project.
If you answered yes to question #2, choose a powering outlet for your project.

Charging Outlets
Designed to charge technology such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, in-drawer charging outlets are ideal for clearing and organizing technology clutter by creating in-drawer charging stations. Most commonly specified in kitchens, charging outlets can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously. They feature a UL Listed circuit breaker that limits the AC output to 3amps and prevents high power devices such as hair dryers from being used to minimize risk and ensure safe operation.

Powering Outlets
These outlets are designed for applications requiring more than 3amps such as hair dryers, appliances, tools, and similar. Most commonly specified into bathrooms, powering outlets feature a 20 amp, GFCI tamper resistant outlet including an integrated thermostat that cuts power to the outlet in the event that the surrounding temperature exceeds 120 degrees. This help to minimize risks. Powering Outlets are perfect for bathroom vanities and other applications requiring full power.

Third, Choose an Outlet
Here is a step by step guide to specifying an outlet into your projects: 

dd-specifydiagram-011917_1.png1. Docking Drawer outlets are sized by cabinet depth. This is the measurement from the front to the back of the cabinet itself, not the drawer. Review the cabinet depth to confirm the maximum extension needed to ensure the drawer opens completely. For example, if your cabinet is 24” deep then specify an outlet with 24 in the name of the product.

** Please note, that choosing a smaller sized outlet will prevent the drawer from pulling out fully. **

2. With the cabinet depth and extension needed understood, confirm the width available behind the drawer box to ensure the outlet will fit. If you do not have enough width we have a solution for you. See Narrow Drawer Installation Tips in the Installation Library. This solution is ideal over using a smaller unit in which the drawer will be limited to how far it can pull out.

3. Confirm the space from the back of the drawer box to the back of the cabinet before checking the spec of the outlet you choose. Is there enough room for the in-drawer outlet to fit? If so, you're on the right track! If not, don't worry! This just means you need to specify the next size down drawer box. For example, a 24” deep cabinet typically has a 21” deep drawer box.

** Note: If this space is not available see Retro Fit tips in the Installation Library. **

4. Finally, confirm the minimum interior drawer box height to accommodate the receptacle box.

Fourth, Plan Ahead
Now that you have:

  • Picked a location to install your in-drawer outlet
  • Selected either a charging or a powering outlet based on your application
  • Chosen an outlet that provides enough extension to allow your drawer to open completely which also fits in the open space behind the drawer box... is time to plan your in-drawer outlet installation! Don't worry–Docking Drawer has created two technical libraries to make planning incredibly simple.

Docking Drawer Specification Library


The Docking Drawer Specification Library contains all of the technical resources you will need to specify an in-drawer outlet including:

  • Submittal documents
  • Mounting Diagrams detailing dimensions for space planning and receptacle box cut out dimensions
  • DXF and STEP files for importing into 2D and 3D design programs

Docking Drawer Installation Library


The Docking Drawer Installation Library contains all the resources you will need to install an in-drawer outlet including:

  • Electrical Planning Guide detailing how to bring in and locate power for an in-drawer outlet
  • Installation planning tips and tricks for narrow drawers, retrofit tips, etc.
  • In-Drawer outlet installation instructions
  • Wiring diagrams

Congratulations! You just specified your first in-drawer outlet and you are well on your way to becoming a specification expert.

Always remember these 3 key concepts:

  • Choose the right outlet based on application
  • Size by cabinet depth
  • Confirm Docking Drawer outlet fit into the space behind the drawer box

If you still need help or have a unique situation that requires in-drawer outlets, just call us. We are here to help and would be happy to work with you to specify the right outlet.

Ready to source an outlet?

Docking Drawer outlets can be purchased online or through your local cabinet distributor such as Hafele,  Hardware Hut, Holdahl, and electrical distributors such as CED, CES, PlattGescan, and more.

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DIY In-Drawer Outlet Solutions - Don’t Let Your Drawers Explode

03/ 07 / 2017

Don’t be content thinking that a post-inspector, in-drawer electrical outlet solution added to your kitchen or bathroom drawer is safe!

At Docking Drawer, we’ve stressed that this popular DIY hack can cause a variety of problems. Take for instance what happened to one of Gary Ciuffo’s (Ciuffo Cabinetry) customers.

Ciuffo Cabinetry Docking Drawer

A homeowner added an in-drawer power strip into the bathroom vanity. Originally, the customer had requested that Ciuffo Cabinetry install a DIY outlet for her inside her new drawer, but she was told by Ciuffo that this was unsafe. Instead, the homeowner (or someone she asked) installed A DIY hack for her after the home inspector had come and gone.

The hack worked, as they often do, but it soon led to problems. The homeowner, going through her normal daily routine, didn’t suspect anything was wrong when she put all of her items away in the bathroom drawer and pushed it closed. Unfortunately, the packed daily-use items inside the drawer combined with the drawer closing turned on the homeowner’s hairdryer. The noise was muffled and the homeowner left, not suspecting a thing. The excessive heat, trapped inside the drawer, slowly heated up an aerosol can filled with hairspray. Eventually, the can was unable to take the high temperatures and it exploded. Thankfully, the homeowner was out of the house and safe. The cabinet was not so lucky and was severely damaged. 

Had the homeowner used a code compliant in-drawer outlet, this entire story would have played out very differently.

Scott Dickey, who created Docking Drawer, made his first Docking Drawer outlet prototype after discovering that such a thing didn’t exist in stores. His background in safety and engineering in the semiconductor industry helped him design the perfect charging and powering outlets for kitchens, bathrooms, locker rooms, hospitals, and more. 

“Everything we build meets or exceeds national safety standards,” said Scott Dickey, President of JTech Solutions. “These outlets are not only safe to use, but they’re also innovative and provide a functional source of power while also offering a clutter-free aesthetic.” Docking Drawer provides a truly valuable source of technology that should never be hacked together or hidden from inspectors. Rather than using a popular DIY hack post inspection, which can oftentimes be dangerous, install Docking Drawer outlet solutions, instead.

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Rohan Designs: A Photo Bucks Winner

03/ 07 / 2017

A place with a view. That’s what one couple invested in, in their new home. It was quaint and, like those around it, built sometime in the 60s or 70s. What’s more, the small 1,000 square foot home hadn’t seen any kind of renovation since its walls were first built. With a 70s vibe that relied on fake pressboard and dark wood, the homeowners knew something had to be done to make the home more modern. Their first step was to bring in a contractor who did a major remodel. From removing interior walls to changing up the roofline, the investment was slowly starting to look like a home for the owners.

rohan designs before and after photos

That’s where Larry Rohan, of Rohan Designs, entered the project. Referred to the homeowners from another artisan, Larry was the cabinet designer the homeowners had been searching for. Very hands on, the homeowners had a specific idea in mind as far as what they wanted their cabinets to look like. The only problem was, the homeowners were ahead of their time when it came to the final look of their cabinets.

When Larry and the homeowners first began working together, the woman requested an in-drawer electrical outlet for her kitchen. Having seen a DIY outlet in a drawer online at sites like Pinterest and Houzz, the homeowner knew that being able to charge items such as mobile phones and tablets out of sight in a kitchen drawer perfectly synced with her ideas for a modern, clean, clutter-free kitchen.

Larry had to break some bad news to his homeowner: they’d never be able to find an in-drawer outlet that was UL-Listed and up to code that would pass building inspections. He couldn’t safely install the solution she so desired in her newly updated kitchen.

Rohan Designs remodel

Coincidently, Larry's long-term hardware supplier partner, EB Bradley, sent Larry a sales flyer, which announced a new innovation. That innovation was Docking Drawer! It was the industry's first UL Listed in-drawer electrical outlet. “Of all the synchronicity that has ever happened, this one was just about perfect,” Larry said. Perfect indeed not only for not only creating a charging station in his client's kitchen, but also for taming the styling clutter of blow dryers and curling irons in her bathroom. Best of all, because Docking Drawer offers a full line of charging and powering outlet solutions offering different amounts of extension, we were able to easily specify an outlet to fit all the cabinet sizes, making Larry’s job a lot easier. For example, Larry installed a Docking Drawer Slim Series charging outlet inside a kitchen drawer, which the homeowner intends to use when charging her tablet, mobile phone, and laptop. Meanwhile, in the homeowner’s remodeled bathroom, Larry installed a Style Drawer series powering outlet into a vertical styling organizer utilizing Pojjo premium stainless steel ventilated capped tube set , perfect for holding hairdryers and curling irons.

Do you have a client in need of the perfect powering or charging solution? Contact us today to learn more about our products or to speak with one of our specification experts. Don't forget to ask about our Photo Bucks program.

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Studio Dearborn and Docking Drawer Collaboration

Hafele + Dura Supreme Cabinetry + Docking Drawer

03/ 07 / 2017

We’ve always been a big fan of partnerships. At Docking Drawer our partners have helped us  to grow, to see things differently, and even to make changes. Dura Supreme Cabinetry has been one of those strong partners that we value. What’s more, it is a relationship that was made possible by our friends at Hafele.  

Through our partnership with Hafele, we were introduced to Dura Supreme who, for 50 years, has been providing professional kitchen and bathroom designs. Their cabinetry fulfills the desire their customers have for personalized design choices and outstanding quality of construction. Needless to say that when the opportunity to partner with Dura Supreme came up, we were anxious to get started!

Hafele Dura Supreme Partnership Docking Drawer.jpg
Dura Supreme was seeing a steady increase in demand for in-drawer charging and powering solutions from their dealers. As it turned out, our Docking Drawer outlets were the perfect solution. Unfortunately, our first Docking Drawer powering and charging outlets were created with limited knowledge of cabinetry sizing. As a result, our outlets were too large for most traditional kitchen cabinets, a fact that was discovered in large part thanks to our partnership with Dura Supreme.

The story could have ended for us there, but it didn’t. Our partners, Hafele and Dura Supreme, helped us gain valuable industry insights and knowledge. We listened to their feedback and with their support, we took action and developed the Docking Drawer Slim Series Charging Outlets, which fit into just about any cabinets size.

Today, our partnership continues to grow with Dura Supreme announcing that both Docking Drawer charging and powering outlets are now part of their standard offering, making specifying an in-drawer outlet into your kitchen and bathroom cabinets a breeze. We’re so grateful for our partnership with Dura Supreme and Hafele and look forward to where it takes us in the future.

Don’t forget! To get factory installed powering or charging outlets for your projects, just speak with the experts at  your local Dura Supreme dealership.

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Docking Drawer Studio Dearborn Projects

How to Make Your Kitchen a Social Space

03/ 07 / 2017

Everyone uses the kitchen. Whether they’re getting a glass of water or preparing a meal, the kitchen is a space where people naturally go. But is your kitchen a “social space?” These days, it can be tricky for people living under the same roof to spend any real time together. Between sports, social events, school, and technology there isn’t often a firm reason for everyone to gather.

That can all change when you make your kitchen a welcoming space. Everyone from your family to your guests will love spending time there–and so will you. It’s the perfect way to bring people together, without making the interactions seem like a requirement.

Make Kitchen Social.jpg

Make it cozy: If you want people to enjoy spending time in your kitchen, make the space welcoming rather than stark. Replace your old kitchen table with a breakfast bar where people can sit as you’re preparing meals. You could also incorporate a comfy couch or chaise lounge into the overall design, giving people a more welcoming place to perch. Hang interesting artwork, leave out a bowl of fruit, and set out throw pillows to make the space seem more accessible. If people are comfortable in your kitchen, they will spend a lot more time there.

Give the room a view: No one enjoys spending their time looking at brick walls. Rather than having guests stare at your cabinets while they eat, position tables and chairs in a way that draws the eye to something interesting. If you have a large window, utilize it so people can see what is happening beyond your home. You could also position the seating area to face an opening to another room in your home. Additionally, pops of color go a long way. Evoke personality in a way that makes people flock to the space. It doesn’t take much to add some fun. If you don’t want to paint your walls a striking color, consider adding an interesting backsplash behind your sink or colorful hardware on your cabinets.

Dress Up Your Cabinets and Drawers: Love the wardrobe you give to your cabinets and drawers and ensure your guests love them too. There are a variety of ways you can dress up these nooks and crannies in your kitchen–and it will make a big statement. Use track lighting beneath your cabinets to light up your countertops. Install beautiful, wooden drawer organizers that give your spoons and forks their own special place. You can even utilize a Hafele non-slip mat to keep in-drawer items in place every time you open and close your drawers.

Let there be light. No one likes sitting in a dark, dingy space. Whether you’re hoping your children come do homework while you prepare meals, or you want guests to keep you company during a dinner party, brighten up your kitchen. An easy way to do this is to utilize 2016’s white hot trend. Painting your walls bright white (with a pop of color added in somewhere) or adding white appliances will do quite a bit to add a little light to the kitchen area. Mirrors do a lovely job of reflecting that brightness, and you can find decorative mirrors at any home store. You can also try different window treatments like curtains, blinds, and even shutters to see what lets in the right amount of light at different times of day. Finally, if you have the patience and the budget, don’t be afraid to open up a wall, combining your kitchen with the next room in your home.

Incorporate technology. Technology is a big draw in today’s society. Luckily, kitchens are the perfect space to embrace this trend. You can add a small television on the countertop that faces the seating area. If you don’t want a television to constantly draw attention, you may be able to install it inside a cabinet. You can also incorporate a Docking Drawer charging outlet in an underused kitchen drawer ensuring smartphones, tablets, and even laptops can charge up nearby, but out of sight. People like being near their technology, even if they aren’t using it. Rather than trying to ban technology from the space you’re trying to make more social, embrace the trend in a way that works for your family.

Kitchens are a great space for socializing. That being said, they’re often under appreciated when it comes to the overall flow and design of your home. When you stop treating your kitchen as a “pit stop” your family will stop treating it like one!

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Docking Drawer Studio Dearborn


What You'd Find Inside our Dream Kitchen

03/ 07 / 2017

Everyone’s idea of their “dream kitchen” is slightly different. Still, there are a few “must-haves” for any kitchen that can’t be ignored. Whether you’re doing a remodel or just looking to update a few things, this list covers the top musts that every kitchen should strive for.

Double-Wide Sinks: If you’ve ever lived in a space with a small sink, you know that this scenario is a struggle. Luckily, double-wide sinks are gaining popularity in kitchen remodels. Personally, we think they're here to stay. 

Dream Kitchen Collage.jpg

Proper Lighting: Today’s lighting can come from an abundance of places including skylights (natural lighting) or under cabinet lighting (artificial lighting). Both provide quality and brightness to your kitchen, which is crucial for gatherings in the space as well as meal prep.

Access to the Outdoors: Having direct access to the back porch, and your grill, from your kitchen is a dream scenario. Enjoy your morning cup of joe as you watch the sunrise or quickly transfer food. Best of all, opening the door from your kitchen to your back porch automatically elongates your kitchen, and makes entertaining easier than ever.

Enough outlets: Kitchens are home to a lot of tech. From small kitchen appliances to cell phones and tablets, our kitchens are often a catch-all for tech clutter. The ideal kitchen doesn’t run out of outlet space–it just gets more industry compliant outlets, such as a Docking Drawer, added into unique spaces like drawers and cabinets.

Waste, Compost, and Recycling Center: In today’s green world, make a conscious effort to do your part for the environment. Install more than a hidden trash can in your cabinets–consider adding a recycle bin and even a compost station as well.

While everyone’s idea of a dream kitchen differs, these are a few staples we felt a lot of people would enjoy installing in their kitchen if the opportunity presents itself. Don’t forget to check out all of these wonderful kitchen ideas we’ve put on our Pinterest board.

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Studio Dearborn Docking Drawer Project

Taking Docking Drawer Outlets to the Next Level: Are You Ready?

03/ 07 / 2017

At Docking Drawer, we’re always looking to stay ahead of the curve. And while you may know that Docking Drawer is the market leader for in-drawer electrical outlets, you may not know that we got here by being innovative, tenacious, and by always listening to customer feedback. That’s because at Docking Drawer, we know that our customers are the ones who are out in the field, specifying our outlets into their projects. If something isn’t working with an installation, or if a customer gets a stroke of genius while installing a Docking Drawer, we want to hear about it.

In 2017, we’re really excited about several new Docking Drawer products that will be hitting the market. These are ideas that are sent to us from customers just like you! The one we want to tell you about today are our new Docking Drawer Duo Charging and Style Drawer Powering Series outlets. Available in early Q2, the Docking Drawer Duo outlet will be the perfect solution for charging or powering more devices from a single outlet. The all-new Docking Drawer Duo can charge up to 8 devices while the Style Drawer Flush Duo outlets can power up to 4 devices in a single outlet.

Docking Drawer - Duo Series Image

The Docking Drawer Duo Charging outlet is perfect for tech drop zones, like kitchens, where you can instantly connect multiple low batteries (like your tablet and your mobile) to a power source. Style Drawer Flush Duo Powering outlets are also ideal for any facility that requires a little extra power such as bathroom vanities, salons, tool lockers , and more.

Do you have an idea for a Docking Drawer outlet that you’d like us to help you develop? Contact us today. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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Against the Grain: The Dyson Hair Dryer

02/ 14 / 2017

It’s not easy to go against the grain. Take the hair dryer, for example. Most of us have used a hair dryer at some point in our lives. It’s a love/hate relationship. The tool that helps you dry your hair also tends to dry it out, dulls its shine, and may even cause tangles. And while your current hair dryer may have settings such as low or high and warm or cool, there’s only so much of a difference between brands you see at the drugstore.

Perhaps that’s why Dyson™ an unprecedented $71 million, according to their press team, when they developed the all-new Dyson Super Sonic™. Priced at $399, this Dyson hair dryer, said to be about the size of a travel dryer, does more than just dry your hair.

Docking Drawer and Dyson Hair Dryer

To start, the Dyson engineers worked on the Super Sonic for about four years, testing it on miles of human hair. Yes, miles of human hair. This is a product that has totally rethought the idea of the hair dryer, which Dyson engineers believe will promote healthier, shinier hair. This belief is based on years of research and testing, something that Dyson does with every product they release on the market.

The Dyson Super Sonic has heat sensors built in next to its airflow. Unlike the hair dryer you can purchase from your local drug store, the Super Sonic takes the air’s temperature 20 times per second. That’s mind blowing enough, but that data is actually all sent to a microprocessor which can then tell the Super Sonic to adjust its settings. What’s more, the Dyson Super Sonic is actually powered by a V9, a newly designed Dyson digital motor.

At Docking Drawer, we know a thing or two about reinventing technology. Scott Dickey, owner of Docking Drawer, took his time to develop outlets that have changed how people charge and power their technology. We also cycle tested Docking Drawer outlets more than 50 times longer than the test required by our independent safety laboratory, Intertek. That’s because we’re committed to releasing a product that will better the people who use it.

Best of all, the Docking Drawer Style Drawer works in perfect unison with the Dyson Super Sonic. When you're ready to take your drawer to the next level with high end accessories, install a Docking Drawer outlet. Your Dyson will thank you. 

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Hip Bathroom Remodel Ideas

02/ 14 / 2017

When it comes time to remodel your bathroom, it’s important to dream big. That’s because everything from your shower to your tile can now speak to your unique personality. The bathroom remodel industry is huge and it’s only steaming ahead as we approach the end of the year. Below, we’re sharing some of the very best bathroom remodel ideas that we’ve come across over the last few weeks, ensuring your bathroom stays as hip as possible.

Walk-In Showers: The good thing about a walk-in shower is that it is functional no matter how large or small your bathroom is. Between clean lines and elegant efficiency, a walk-in shower can give your bathroom a modern look without too much work. Don’t be afraid to use glass for your walk-in shower. While many people may shy away from it, glass can actually make smaller rooms appear larger and they tend to allow much more light to reflect around the room.

Large Windows: Large bathroom windows are not only helpful when letting natural lighting into the room, they can help inspire entire spaces! There are many ways to incorporate large windows that also help to protect a bathroom goer’s modesty including frosted glass and textured glass. If you prefer to go with a clear view, consider shutters or a light, filmy current to help balance the space but still provide the proper amount of privacy.



BeFunky Collage 1.jpg

Choose A Pattern: When homeowners think of patterns, they tend to think of bright colors and bold shapes. This isn’t always the case. Best of all, when it comes to your bathroom, there are plenty of interesting patterns you can utilize to make the room interesting. If you’re not comfortable adding something loud to your walls then just hang up patterned hand towels, a shower curtain, or some rugs. Tiled baseboards are also a great way to incorporate some color into your bathroom.

Update Your Toilet: When you think about a bathroom that is wow-worthy, your toilet probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Still, toilets are an important element to the overall aesthetic of your bathroom and it’s just as important as your hardware or tiling choices! Choose from one or two-piece toilets, toilets with higher tanks, in-wall toilets, high-seat toilets and much more. Don’t even get us started on the colors! 

Install a Docking Drawer: When your bathroom could use an extra powering or charging source, invest in an outlet by Docking Drawer. A Docking Drawer Outlet can provide an extra power source for everything from your curling iron to your flat iron to your blow dryer. They can also charge tablets, watches, and mobile phones while you're getting ready. Additionally your Docking Drawer can be hidden away in your cabinetry, keeping the rest of your bathroom clutter-free.

If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, we hope you’ll take our above suggestions into consideration! Need more bathroom remodeling ideas? We've got them for you!

Click here to learn how to specify the right outlet for your project!


Studio Dearborn Docking Drawer Project

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