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Against the Grain: The Dyson Hair Dryer

02/ 14 / 2017

It’s not easy to go against the grain. Take the hair dryer, for example. Most of us have used a hair dryer at some point in our lives. It’s a love/hate relationship. The tool that helps you dry your hair also tends to dry it out, dulls its shine, and may even cause tangles. And while your current hair dryer may have settings such as low or high and warm or cool, there’s only so much of a difference between brands you see at the drugstore.

Perhaps that’s why Dyson™ an unprecedented $71 million, according to their press team, when they developed the all-new Dyson Super Sonic™. Priced at $399, this Dyson hair dryer, said to be about the size of a travel dryer, does more than just dry your hair.

Docking Drawer and Dyson Hair Dryer

To start, the Dyson engineers worked on the Super Sonic for about four years, testing it on miles of human hair. Yes, miles of human hair. This is a product that has totally rethought the idea of the hair dryer, which Dyson engineers believe will promote healthier, shinier hair. This belief is based on years of research and testing, something that Dyson does with every product they release on the market.

The Dyson Super Sonic has heat sensors built in next to its airflow. Unlike the hair dryer you can purchase from your local drug store, the Super Sonic takes the air’s temperature 20 times per second. That’s mind blowing enough, but that data is actually all sent to a microprocessor which can then tell the Super Sonic to adjust its settings. What’s more, the Dyson Super Sonic is actually powered by a V9, a newly designed Dyson digital motor.

At Docking Drawer, we know a thing or two about reinventing technology. Scott Dickey, owner of Docking Drawer, took his time to develop outlets that have changed how people charge and power their technology. We also cycle tested Docking Drawer outlets more than 50 times longer than the test required by our independent safety laboratory, Intertek. That’s because we’re committed to releasing a product that will better the people who use it.

Best of all, the Docking Drawer Style Drawer works in perfect unison with the Dyson Super Sonic. When you're ready to take your drawer to the next level with high end accessories, install a Docking Drawer outlet. Your Dyson will thank you. 

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Hip Bathroom Remodel Ideas

02/ 14 / 2017

When it comes time to remodel your bathroom, it’s important to dream big. That’s because everything from your shower to your tile can now speak to your unique personality. The bathroom remodel industry is huge and it’s only steaming ahead as we approach the end of the year. Below, we’re sharing some of the very best bathroom remodel ideas that we’ve come across over the last few weeks, ensuring your bathroom stays as hip as possible.

Walk-In Showers: The good thing about a walk-in shower is that it is functional no matter how large or small your bathroom is. Between clean lines and elegant efficiency, a walk-in shower can give your bathroom a modern look without too much work. Don’t be afraid to use glass for your walk-in shower. While many people may shy away from it, glass can actually make smaller rooms appear larger and they tend to allow much more light to reflect around the room.

Large Windows: Large bathroom windows are not only helpful when letting natural lighting into the room, they can help inspire entire spaces! There are many ways to incorporate large windows that also help to protect a bathroom goer’s modesty including frosted glass and textured glass. If you prefer to go with a clear view, consider shutters or a light, filmy current to help balance the space but still provide the proper amount of privacy.



BeFunky Collage 1.jpg

Choose A Pattern: When homeowners think of patterns, they tend to think of bright colors and bold shapes. This isn’t always the case. Best of all, when it comes to your bathroom, there are plenty of interesting patterns you can utilize to make the room interesting. If you’re not comfortable adding something loud to your walls then just hang up patterned hand towels, a shower curtain, or some rugs. Tiled baseboards are also a great way to incorporate some color into your bathroom.

Update Your Toilet: When you think about a bathroom that is wow-worthy, your toilet probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Still, toilets are an important element to the overall aesthetic of your bathroom and it’s just as important as your hardware or tiling choices! Choose from one or two-piece toilets, toilets with higher tanks, in-wall toilets, high-seat toilets and much more. Don’t even get us started on the colors! 

Install a Docking Drawer: When your bathroom could use an extra powering or charging source, invest in an outlet by Docking Drawer. A Docking Drawer Outlet can provide an extra power source for everything from your curling iron to your flat iron to your blow dryer. They can also charge tablets, watches, and mobile phones while you're getting ready. Additionally your Docking Drawer can be hidden away in your cabinetry, keeping the rest of your bathroom clutter-free.

If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, we hope you’ll take our above suggestions into consideration! Need more bathroom remodeling ideas? We've got them for you!

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Studio Dearborn Docking Drawer Project

Cabinet Companies Now Offe Pre-Specified Docking Drawer Outlets

02/ 14 / 2017

No one likes to run out of outlet space. Of course, with all of the technology we have on hand today, running out of outlet space is a near certainty. Luckily, cabinet companies across the U.S. have the solution for you.

Forward-thinking cabinet companies including Dura Supreme Cabinetry, Bellmont Cabinets, and Wellborn Cabinets, offer full lines of cabinetry that include Docking Drawer outlets which have been pre-specified into their drawers. That means that the next time you install new cabinetry into your home–be it in your office, your bathroom, your kitchen, or your closet, you can also have a Docking Drawer Power Outlet or a Docking Drawer Charging Outlet right at your fingertips.

Style Drawer in a bathroom vanity drawer

Providing an innovative and functional power source with a clutter-free, organized aesthetic for any room, Docking Drawer outlets are designed to make your day-to-day charging and powering of technology convenient. Recently named one of the “Most Requested Products of 2017” by Kitchen and Bath Industry News, a previous runner up for “KBIS Best of Show” and featured in This Old House, Builders and Woodworking Magazines, and other industry publications, Docking Drawer continues to create innovative solutions for everyday projects.

As more and more cabinet companies take notice of our powering stations and charging stations, more and more homes in the U.S. and Canada will benefit from Docking Drawer technology. If you’re interested in joining the growing list of companies that offer Docking Drawer outlets specified into your cabinetry, we’d love to hear from you.

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Studio Dearborn Docking Drawer Project

Commercial Projects Love Docking Drawer

02/ 04 / 2017

At Docking Drawer, we aren’t just committed to ensuring that in-drawer outlets are available in every home. We also want to make sure that Docking Drawer outlets are specified into commercial projects. Since we launched, architects, builders, and property owners have approached us requesting more information about installing Docking Drawer outlets into their commercial building projects. The latest company to do so, Pacific Gate by Bosa, is a collection of new condo residences nestled in sunny downtown San Diego. Boasting both city and waterfront views, Pacific Gate offers the very best of San Diego for its residents, placing them at the center of the hustle and bustle that makes up the city. It comes as no surprise that within this innovatively designed piece of architecture, builders installed a number of upscale amenities including SubZero Wolf appliances, frameless enclosed showers, personalized color schemes, Custom HBA designed wave pattern cabinet pull hardware, and much more.

When Montbleau & Associates, the company in charge of designing Pacific Gate, contacted Docking Drawer for more information about our Slim series charging outlets to create a discrete kitchen charging station, we were thrilled! Montbleau & Associates partnered with HBA Design, who specified Docking Drawer outlets into the project, as well as two architectural firms, Kohn Pedersen Fox and Chris Dikeakos Architects. Through their teamwork, Pacific Gate was designed to the nines and offers residents jaw-dropping style and unparalleled amenities making Docking Drawer exactly the kind of forward-thinking solution that Pacific Gate desired for their customers. Kitchens in Pacific Gate are now equipped with a Docking Drawer Charging Outlet and will not only help residents keep their counter-tops clutter-free, but also charged up and ready to tackle their day.

Learn more about Pacific Gate by Bosa or click on the button below to learn more about why Docking Drawer is the perfect match for your next project!

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Living Well in Small Urban Spaces

02/ 04 / 2017

The big city is filled with lights, entertainment, and a lot of opportunities. One place where the opportunities aren’t as vast in a large city? Housing. In most large cities like San Francisco, Chicago, and New York housing is wildly expensive and painfully small. Still, a humble abode isn’t such a bad thing–especially when it comes to living well. Whether a small space is your home all year round or just your home for the school year, there are quite a few ways that you can make your small urban spaces pop with color, personality and function. 


Divide to Conquer: The secret of living in a smaller urban space lies in its division. Just because the only thing that you can afford is a studio or tiny 1-bedroom doesn’t mean you can’t set boundaries within your new home. Divide up one large space with curtains that are mounted to your ceiling providing you privacy when you need it most. You could also utilize open bookshelves (on which you can store much more than books) to divide up your studio.

Make Furniture Work Overtime: When it comes to small spaces, dual-purpose furniture can make a really big difference. That’s why, when you’re not working with a lot of space, choose pieces of furniture that can work overtime for you. Perhaps a table can serve as both a kitchen island and a place to eat your meals. Maybe a stool is hollow and you can store extra items inside, de-cluttering your space.

Choose Clean Lines: Don’t get carried away with frilly pillows and overstuffed furniture. When it comes to small spaces, clean lines are in. This modern, sleek look helps to create a sense of flow that small spaces don’t otherwise have. Stools, couches, coffee tables, and much more are available with straight edges and they’re worth the investment for your small urban space.


Make Use of Mirrors: Mirrors are the decorating secret that no one talks about. Because mirrors reflect light, they can actually help to brighten your space and make it appear larger than it actually is. Placing an oversized mirror on your walls will help to enlarge your space and they’ll make your room look great in the process.

Utilize Your Cabinets and Drawers: If you have underused drawer and cabinet space, get creative. Your drawers and cabinets can be used to not only store items, but also to help you charge technology and de-clutter. For instance, install a kitchen charging station or a bathroom powering station, such as a Docking Drawer, into an underused drawer. It will keep you plugged in and your countertops clutter-free!

Clear Furniture Can Open a Room: This is a fun one. Clear furniture helps open up a room because you can see right through it. What’s more, a huge variety of clear, classy furniture is available in today’s market. From glass-top tables to ghost chairs that pack a strong decorative statement, this daring idea will make your urban space appear to be twice as large.

Just because a space is small doesn’t mean you can’t make it a home that you love. Need more ideas? Here are more tips on making the most of a tiny space. Plus, learn how to make the most out of a small bathroom.

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Kitchen and Bathroom Drawers Must Be Dressed: Charging Station by Docking Drawer

02/ 04 / 2017

You don’t like to be underdressed for occasions–so why would you let your drawers suffer the same fate? Dress up your kitchen and bathroom drawers with the same smart, versatile style you keep in your closet. Transform boring drawers into solution centers with drawer goods made for outfitting today’s kitchen and bathroom drawers. It’s easier than ever to keep drawers clean, organized, and beautiful for whoever has the luck of opening them!


Light Em Up: Light is a fundamental part of life, one that noticeably affects our well-being. For instance, the bright, cool white light of morning is very different from the warm glow of candles in an otherwise darkened room.  That’s why adding under cabinet LED lights can help add value to kitchens or just about any room where extra light is needed.

Perfect Your Hardware: Accessories are never just an afterthought–they make or break your outfit. Drawer hardware shouldn’t be an afterthought either–after all, they make your drawer’s first impression. Choose hardware that is soft and classy or loud and flashy. Bring your personality to your drawers–and let everyone see it.


Paint Your Cabinets & Drawers: Lipstick and neckties come in a variety of shades–why shouldn’t your cabinets and drawers? Instead of simple oak or maple finishes, dress up the look of your kitchen or bathroom with a pop of color. 2016 may be white hot, but red, teal, and even gray are classy choices.

Add Storage: If you’ve ever opened a drawer and had to dig for what you needed, you could use some additional drawer storage. Dividers come in a variety of shapes, styles, and prices. Sleek white plastic dividers for forks and knives are budget-friendly while high-scale bamboo dividers offer your drawers a more expensive look. Choose your dividers with the same conviction you’d choose a dress for Saturday night out–they aren’t just storage, they’re a statement.


Install a Docking Drawer: You have a routine to get charged up for a night out–give your drawers the same opportunity. Install a Docking Drawer charging station, built specifically to keep your drawers modern and the devices you’re tucking into your pocket or handbag juiced up.

Need more ideas? Non slip mats are a simple addition which are easy to install and will keep your odds and ends in place. Upscale dividers keep everything organized while drawer slides keep your drawers opening and closing smoothly.

There are no limits to dressing up your drawers in their Sunday finest. Best of all, it doesn’t take a sky-high budget to create a little bit of drawer magic. 

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The Strassheim’s: A Docking Drawer Photo Bucks Story

02/ 04 / 2017

cv.png  cvv.jpg

When it comes to remodeling, most homeowners find that while they originally start out thinking big picture, the final product really comes down to those minute details. At least, that was the case with Rob and Sarah Strassheim who were looking to update their 20-year-old master bathroom.

The Strassheim’s weren't overly concerned with the details of updated the master bath in their colonial-style home. As long as it was brightened up with a classic, contemporary touch they knew they'd be happy. And while they desired the main focal point of their updated bath to be a very clean looking expanded shower and custom vanity, they were at a loss as to how to make that desire a reality. 

Enter trusted stone fabricator, John Cogswell of Cogswell Stone. John's design vision for the Strassheim family included large marble floor tiles, beveled marble wall tiles in their shower area, and a two-inch thick carrara marble vanity top. The Strassheim’s also worked with a local firm Charlottesville Woodworks to design a custom piece based on a cabinet they had seen on Houzz. 

While their dream grew closer to reality, the Strassheim’s continued to stress an important point: they wanted their new master bath to feel very clean. To them, that included no visible plugs around their brand new sink. While their general contractor and cabinet maker had installed makeshift drawer plugs in the past, the Strassheim’s wanted something different–and safer. 

“During the planning process for the renovation, we heard a story where a homeowner had a makeshift drawer plug and accidentally put a powered-on curling iron in the drawer," said Sarah Strassheim. "This resulted in a small fire and damage to the cabinet." 

Unfortunately, the story that Sarah heard is all too common with today's hack society. We've even blogged about how unsafe it can be to hack a power strip into your kitchen or bathroom drawer (and why Docking Drawer is a safe, easy-to-install solution). A huge thank you to Ciuffo Cabinetry for sharing their customer story.

Rob searched for drawer plugs on Houzz and immediately found Docking Drawer’s products. Sarah was intrigued by the Style Drawer series thermostatic shut-off feature. In wanting to do this project right the first time, the Strassheim’s chose to install a Style Drawer during their renovation. Both their general contractor and their cabinet maker were impressed by the design of the Style Drawer as well as how easy the product was to install into the new drawer. 
The Strassheim’s couldn't be happier with how their master bath remodel turned out–and they were quick to speak with Docking Drawer about how well the Style Drawer powering station fit into their overall design.

ss.jpg sss.jpg ssss.jpg

A huge thank you to Rob and Sarah for sharing their story with us via our Photo Bucks program! Check out their beautifully installed Style Drawer in the video they sent us, below. To learn more about our Photo Bucks program (and how you could win up to $1000) just visit our website

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UKB Creates Perfect Kitchen Charging Station With Bellmont Cabinets

02/ 04 / 2017

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, chances are you want to understand the latest trends. You search the Internet for things like “trending in kitchens” or “kitchen remodel ideas.”
We’ll save you some time.
The only thing hotter than the white kitchen trend is the kitchen charging station.

         oi.jpg   oii.jpg

The Docking Drawer Slim Charging Outlet Series is available in a variety of sizes including for 24-inch deep cabinets, 21-inch deep cabinets, and 18-inch deep cabinets. The new slimmer designs, which recently won the Architizer A+ Popular Choice Award, fit into even narrower spaces than previously. 

Recently, our Docking Drawer Slim USB Charging Outlets were specified for a kitchen remodel. Jill Silvas, a 23-year veteran in kitchen and bath design, headed the project for Ultimate Kitchen and Bath, located in the Bay area. The family she was working on the remodel for utilizes a lot of technology. In fact, one member of the household works for a popular tech company. Introducing a kitchen charging station into her design was a no-brainer for Jill. She turned to Belmont Cabinet Company with her ideas.
"We researched both the latest and the upcoming trends in kitchens before we ever tackled this project," said John Brush, Director of Marketing at Belmont Cabinet Company. "What we found was an increasing demand for in-drawer charging solutions. We implemented them into this latest kitchen redesign and we're also launching Docking Drawer outlets in our 1900 cabinet series ensuring our customers can order exactly what they want straight from our factory."

   io.jpg         ioo.jpg

Nestled inside inside beautiful cabinetry designed by Belmont Cabinet Company in Washington, the Docking Drawer Slim USB Charging Outlet is clearing kitchen clutter for this tech-loving family. In fact, they’re able to charge running watches, tablets, and even smartphones all at once atop a Hafele non-slip mat. These three elements– the Docking Drawer outlet, the non-slip mat, and the beautiful cabinetry are all working together ensuring this family has the perfect experience every time they enter their kitchen.
Where will you put Docking Drawer in your next kitchen remodel?

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The Evolution of the Kitchen Cabinet

02/ 04 / 2017

We hardly take notice of our kitchen cabinets. Sure, if you just did a remodel you might appreciate the color, their space, and even their detail for a short time–but eventually our appreciation fades and cabinets are once again just a place to store our stuff. Our spice racks, our pots and pans, and our silverware lives in these spaces–and that’s all they’re good for, right?Evolution Cabinets.jpg    

Incorrect! What if we told you that there has been an evolution of cabinetry? Over the years, the tiny differences have been so small that we’ve barely even noticed them. In fact, is isn’t until we sit down and take a look back at what our grandparents and great grandparents used that we truly realize just how far our cabinetry has come.1920’s–Hoosier Cabinets: A Hoosier was a type of cupboard that was extremely popular in the early 20th century. The cabinet had three parts: a base section, a slide out shelf, and several cabinet doors. The Hoosier cabinet came complete with accessories. In addition to racks for spices, there was also glassware that classically held flour, sugar, coffee, and tea. The Hoosier cabinet sped up meal delivery and no one was happier about this than mom.1930’s–Vintage Retro: The Depression may have hit hard, but it didn’t stop a new wave of technology from hitting the American kitchen. In addition to brightly painted cabinetry (think greens and yellows) and Streamlined Deco style, there was also the arrival of electrical appliances that we wouldn’t be caught dead without today. Everything from toasters to stoves began to grace the modern kitchen and housewives across the country rejoiced. Additionally, the 1930’s graced just about every home with the modern invention of the ice box which kept milk, meat, and even butter nice and cold.1940’s–Low Profile: There was a war happening, but that didn’t mean there weren’t changes. In fact, many of the staples of a 1940’s kitchen are still incorporated in our kitchens today. Fully functional items doubled as accessories. Stainless steel, for instance, was in short supply but low-profile pots and pans made their way into modern kitchens anyway. Additional hardware accessories that can still be seen today includes mason jars and oversized porcelain containers. Crystal and glass pull knobs for our drawers also made an appearance while colors remained neutral or, at the very least, muted.

1950’s–Bold and Beautiful: The post-war era brought kitchens to the forefront of family gatherings. Bright colors decorated walls and cabinets alike while floral wallpaper also began to take hold. Steel cabinets with stainless steel countertops were considered cutting-edge. Cabinets lined most walls and pull hardware went from delicate crystal and glass to a more substantial, solid look. Kitchen islands also took hold, forming the foundation for much more cabinet space to come.1960’s/1970’s–A New World: As the 60’s segwayed into the 70’s, women realized they had better things to do than toil over meatloaf. Perhaps this can explain the greens, golds, and even shag carpet found in many kitchens during this era. While there wasn’t much forward movement by way of cabinetry in this era, microwave ovens made themselves at home in the kitchen, changing up dinnertime forever.

1980’s–The New Generation: If you didn’t already know, the first generation of celebrity chefs on television appeared in the 80’s. They reinvigorated the desire to use the kitchen and helped push gold and green aside for a more sleek, modern look. The kitchen island became more than just extra counter space and morphed into additional storage containing bins and drawer space. Cookbook shelves found their way into homes along with pot racks, making it easier for cooks in the kitchen to grab what they needed instead of having to dig around for it. There was quite bit of white and steel happening–a fresh look to be sure.1990’s–A Modern Twist: Kitchens once again became a popular centerpiece of the home, and their size represented just that. Sprawling and open, kitchens in the 90’s were filled with high-end appliances, granite countertops, and cabinets that would have made the family room jealous. Drawer organizers made their way into even more utensils drawers and stainless steel. Cabinets were solid, drawer hardware fell more in line with use than decoration, and layered lighting began to take hold.

Today: Kitchen are still huge, but they’re starting to reduce in size with a throwback to that 20’s style. That being said, today's kitchens still serve as a center point for modern families. In addition to (men and women) cooking there, children do their homework, the dog eats his breakfast, and guests will chatter over cocktails and appetizers until the wee hours. Cabinets boast an array of colors from neutral grays and creams to bursts of blue and red. Layered lighting under the cabinets adds an extra dash of moderns while high-end bamboo drawer organizers add a touch of class. A Docking Drawer kitchen charging station helps you keep high-end tech such as watches, tablets, and even laptops fully powered. Meanwhile non-slip mats keep everything right where you left it. Glideware keeps our pots and pans organized while Blum offers us hardware-free ways to open drawers.

Want more even modernized cabinet ideas? Our partners at Hafele have an accessory catalog that's just bursting with possibility. 

It’s easy to forget how far our kitchens and cabinets have come. Thanks to a little invention and always moving forward, the kitchen cabinet has been revolutionized into a beautiful, useable centerpiece of every home’s kitchen.

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Docking Drawer at your Local Electrical Supply House

02/ 03 / 2017

If you're looking for a Docking Drawer outlet for your next project, you may not have to look any further than your local electrical supply house! Docking Drawer is proud to share that select Stoneway Electrical Supply, Consolidated Electrical Distributors (CED), City Electric Supply (CES), and Edges Electrical Group are now carrying Docking Drawer charging and powering outlets.

 Demo Drawers At Electrical Supply Houses.jpg                             
Not sure what kind of outlet you'll need? Don't be discouraged. The experts at these select stores are knowledgeable in Docking Drawer products. They'll help you specify the perfect outlet for your building or remodel project. Additionally,  these electrical supply houses have Docking Drawer Demo Drawers on site to show you exactly how our powering and charging outlets function inside your cabinets.

Additional electrical distributors that offer Docking Drawer products include Elliott Electric Supply, Platt, Consolidated Electrical Distributors, Inc., GrayBar, Stoneway Electric Supply, City Electric Supply, and Edges Electric Group

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 8.45.21 AM.png

We're thrilled Docking Drawer outlets are easier to source with select electrical supply houses and hope you are, too! Don't forget that if an electrical supply house near you doesn't feature Docking Drawer, please call us. We'd be more than happy to help you find the right outlet for your project.

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