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Docking Drawer & Rev-A-Shelf Vertical Cabinet Pullouts: A Perfect Match

 Style Drawer Blade Rev-A-Shelf

Are you in the process of designing or renovating your master bathroom? Whether you’re simply upgrading your cabinets, or you’re working on making the custom master bathroom of your dreams, there are two key elements that you cannot have enough of: convenient storage space and electrical outlets.

4 Charging Drawers: The Beginning of Docking Drawer

Webber Coleman Woodworks (1)

Our friends at Webber Coleman Woodworks recently sent us these pictures of a beautiful kitchen cabinet upgrade they did that featured four drawers, one for each family member's technology, each with their own Docking Drawer in-drawer electrical charging outlet inside. We couldn't help but get a little nostalgic when we saw these because Docking Drawer was started because of a request for four organizational drawers similar to these.

Create more Space Behind the Drawer Box - Pro-Tip

Need more space behind your drawer box for an in-drawer electrical outlet? Many Docking Drawer customers simply install a "NEW" drawer box back. Here is how they do it.

  • Remove the old drawer back.
  • Purchase a Docking Drawer retrofit panel or simply create your own.
  • Install the panel in its new location ensuring that there is enough space behind the drawer box for your in-drawer outlet.


It’s a fast and easy innovative solution used by our customers. To learn more, call one of our specification experts at (530) 205-3625 with questions. 

Narrow Drawer Installation Pro-Tip

Style Drawer Blade and Flush series outlets are able to fit into narrower drawers with a little bit of planning.

If your drawer box is narrower than the "Minimum Width Behind Drawer Box" specification found on our literature, look to the spaces to the left and right of the drawer box and consider adding a channel or creating open space to allow the cable management arms room to function.

We built this demo drawer to illustrate how the concept can work in your projects. The channel is simple to create. In kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities, you can gain up to an 1 1/2" of "Width Behind the Drawer Box" if your cabinets utilize 3/4" side frames. In bathroom vanities, typically the channel opens up into dead space underneath the sink.


The One Upgrade Your Perfect Nightstand is Missing


When is the last time you thought about your nightstand? While it may not be on the top of your mind, it is something that you use everyday. It faithfully holds your nightly water cups, reading glasses, books of the week, and a variety of other odds and ends. But is your nightstand working the best for you that it could be? Chances are, it's missing this one major upgrade: electrical outlets. 

Conquer Pesky Electronic Clutter With In-Drawer Docking Stations

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 5.18.24 PM

Did you see us featured on Houzz? If not, read the full article below or on Houzz's website here!

Chances are you’re reading this article on your laptop, tablet or phone. When you’re ready to charge that device, the cords will likely clutter up your desk, kitchen counter or nightstand — and your overall design. But that doesn’t have to be the case. New York designers Gary Ciuffo of Ciuffo Cabinetry in Deer Park and Sarah Robertson of Studio Dearborn in Mamaroneck partnered with Docking Drawer, a pioneer of in-drawer electrical outlets, to share tips for safely installing a cutting-edge in-drawer charging or powering station.

Benefits of Our New Blade Series In-drawer Charging Outlets

Screenshot 2018-07-13 at 2.04.01 PM

At Docking Drawer, we're always striving to provide you with safe, innovative, cutting-edge electrical products to help make your lives easier. Technology is a part of our everyday lives now, and with that comes the need to charge, power and store our many different devices.

We created our original Blade and Blade Duo Series in-drawer charging outlets to help you clear the cord clutter off your counters and provide a safe way to charge your cell phones, tablets, laptops, fitness trackers and more - all tucked away in a drawer. These original charging outlets were a huge hit, but we also made sure to listen to you to see what could make them even better. And that's why we're now releasing the NEW Blade and Blade Duo Series.

5 Smartest Solutions Your Cabinets and Drawers Need, Now

Docking Drawer Blade_0290-30101WThe word “cabinet” doesn’t exactly connotate technical innovation–but perhaps it should. After all, we’re living in the technology age so why aren’t your cabinets? Below, you’ll find 5 of the smartest solutions for your cabinets and drawers, and where you can go to get in on the action.

Gorgeous Spaces that Serve a Purpose: Spotlight Interview with Ciuffo Cabinetry

Vanity_Ciuffo Cabinetry

For most people, furniture is something to sit on and cabinets are for storing things in. Ciuffo Cabinetry knows better. For over 100 years, they’ve operated on the principle that your home is a work of art. They’ve become a one of New York’s premier kitchen cabinet design and build firms by combining old world techniques with modern technology to create beautiful, functional spaces.

Unplug & Unwind: Marie Flanigan Interiors Features Docking Drawer

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Big thanks to Marie Flanigan Interiors who recently featured Docking Drawer in her blog post "7 Steps to Simplifying Your Home." 

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