Docking Drawer

In-Drawer Outlets: From Fad to a Standard Feature in 5 Years


Sometimes it’s hard to believe that just five years ago there virtually were no in-drawer electrical outlets. When Docking Drawer began, we created a brand new product to help solve the growing issue of cord-clutter in a smart, simple and safe way.

Docking Drawer: Smart. Simple. Safe In-Drawer Outlets.


Here at Docking Drawer, we’re committed to creating innovative electrical products that truly help, while maintaining the highest levels of safety at all times. Smart. Simple. Safe. It’s how we started, and it’s how we will always be.

Pro Specification Tip - More Extension is Better

As a Docking Drawer expert (or as someone who has some experience with Docking Drawer installations) we felt it was time to share several more advanced specification tips with you. After all, you’ve already installed a Docking Drawer or two–you’re ready for some deeper insights.

How to and When to Use the Docking Drawer Resource Libraries

Everyone could use a helping hand. When it comes to planning an in-drawer electrical outlet, we admit–there are a lot of questions.

  • Do I specify a charging or powering outlet?
  • Which size should I specify?
  • How do I plan for an in-drawer outlet installation?
  • What are the receptacle box cutout dimensions?
  • How do I plan for electrical supply in my cabinet?
  • Where are the installation Instructions?

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