Docking Drawer

Docking Drawer Electrical Certifications

Did you know? All of our Docking Drawer outlets are engineered for use inside your drawer. This means that our outlets have been rigorously tested against the relevant safety standards for whatever country they’re approved for sale in. Curious as to where Docking Drawer outlets are approved for use? Check out all of our electrical certifications below.

Docking Drawer is ADA Compliant when Installed Correctly

 To be ADA compliant install Docking Drawer outlet within 12" of the countertop

Did you know that Docking Drawer in-drawer electrical outlets are ADA Compliant? We get asked this question a lot, especially from our customers who develop and build apartments, condos, high-density housing projects and residential or commercial real estate. When installed correctly, Docking Drawer outlets meet all of the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that ensures access to the built environment for people with disabilities.

Docking Drawer & Rev-A-Shelf Vertical Cabinet Pullouts: A Perfect Match

 Style Drawer Blade Rev-A-Shelf

Are you in the process of designing or renovating your master bathroom? Whether you’re simply upgrading your cabinets, or you’re working on making the custom master bathroom of your dreams, there are two key elements that you cannot have enough of: convenient storage space and electrical outlets.

Create more Space Behind the Drawer Box - Pro-Tip

Need more space behind your drawer box for an in-drawer electrical outlet? Many Docking Drawer customers simply install a "NEW" drawer box back. Here is how they do it.

  • Remove the old drawer back.
  • Purchase a Docking Drawer retrofit panel or simply create your own.
  • Install the panel in its new location ensuring that there is enough space behind the drawer box for your in-drawer outlet.


It’s a fast and easy innovative solution used by our customers. To learn more, call one of our specification experts at (530) 205-3625 with questions. 

Narrow Drawer Installation Pro-Tip

Style Drawer Blade and Flush series outlets are able to fit into narrower drawers with a little bit of planning.

If your drawer box is narrower than the "Minimum Width Behind Drawer Box" specification found on our literature, look to the spaces to the left and right of the drawer box and consider adding a channel or creating open space to allow the cable management arms room to function.

We built this demo drawer to illustrate how the concept can work in your projects. The channel is simple to create. In kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities, you can gain up to an 1 1/2" of "Width Behind the Drawer Box" if your cabinets utilize 3/4" side frames. In bathroom vanities, typically the channel opens up into dead space underneath the sink.


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