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What is USB-C with Power Delivery doing in my Docking Drawer?

Power-Delivery-header-031419Technology moves quickly—and Docking Drawer does, too! That’s why we’re now offering Docking Drawer Blade and Blade Duo charging outlets featuring USB-C Power Delivery! Supplying an even higher level of power than standard USB-A outlets, this new technology by Docking Drawer allows our charging outlets to deliver faster, safer charging for cell phones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, and more. What is Power Delivery and how can it help you charge your devices more effectively? We’re glad you asked!

Making More Time for Family and Friends

happy young couple have fun in  modern kitchen indoor  while preparing fresh fruits and vegetables food saladThis year, you promised yourself you were going to spend more time with family and friends—and less time zoned out in front of devices. And that’s a promise worth keeping. At Docking Drawer, we fully support this mission. So we’ve come up with a few ways that you can get more out of your time (and space) with loved ones while your tech stays tucked away.

ETL vs UL Electrical Certifications: What’s The Difference?

Drawer-Phone-BannerETL-vs-ULAt Docking Drawer we’re proud to be the market leader of in-drawer electrical outlets. Offering a full array of solutions, we are committed to charging and powering today’s connected lifestyle with innovative solutions. Best of all, every outlet is electrically certified by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTLs). But we get a lot of questions about what that means. So today we’re going to explain in plain English the difference between being ETL-listed or UL-listed.

Always Moving: Docking Drawer Outlet Arms


It’s important to us that the Docking Drawer outlets you receive are of top-shelf quality. That’s why the design of Docking Drawer outlets coincides with our message of safety. You’ve read about cycle testing in our blog—the rigorous process all of our outlets go through to ensure they last. But what about the actual creation of our products? What about the parts and pieces that are able to resist wear and tear long term? How are they engineered to ensure safety?

The Style Drawer Vertical Organizer by Docking Drawer is an up-and-coming trend.


Do you like to be “in the know” for your customers? Are you waiting to jump on the hottest up-and-coming trends in home and business design in 2019? We’ll save you the trouble. The Style Drawer Vertical Organizer by Docking Drawer, which premiered this month at KBIS, will be what everyone is buzzing about in 2019. It comes in two sizes: The Style Drawer 24 Vertical Organizer for 24” deep cabinets and The Style Drawer 21 Vertical Organizer for 21” deep base cabinets. 

Introducing Canada's first ever CSA Approved In-Drawer Powering Outlet from Docking Drawer

Canada1At Docking Drawer, we’re always striving to keep our place as the market-leader for in-drawer electrical outlets. Always on the leading edge of innovation, our products are like nothing else available out there. And so it’s no surprise that we’re stepping up to the plate, obtaining CSA certifications for our Power Outlets, allowing us to provide in-drawer powering solutions for any drawer or application (ETC) to the Canadian marketplace.

Docking Drawer Outlets: Taking safety to a new level

Safety-NewLevel-Blog-Header-013119When consumers discover we design outlets for drawers, their immediate response is usually, “Isn’t that dangerous?” And we get it. Because up until Docking Drawer was founded, ETL listed outlets inside of drawers were NOT a thing. But taping extension cords inside cabinets or cobbling together ad hoc solutions didn’t take safety into consideration when installed—and that caused headaches to many home and business owners. Because these solutions weren’t using the extension cord for its designed purpose.

Docking Drawer Wins Best Of Houzz 2019 For Customer Service

BestofHouzz-Blog-012819You voted and Houzz heard you loud and clear! Docking Drawer, the market leader of in-drawer electrical outlets, recently received word that we’ve been voted by the Houzz community as a winner of the Best of Houzz 2019 award. We’re honored to have our work in the Customer Service category recognized. Because when it comes to our customers, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve their overall experience with our company and our products. It’s great to know we’re on the right track when it comes to serving you. Experience our award winning customer service first hand when you give us a call today.

In-Drawer Outlets: From Fad to a Standard Feature in 5 Years


Sometimes it’s hard to believe that just five years ago there virtually were no in-drawer electrical outlets. When Docking Drawer began, we created a brand new product to help solve the growing issue of cord-clutter in a smart, simple and safe way.

Nation's Largest Remodelers Are Using Docking Drawer In-Drawer Electrical Outlets


Docking Drawer in-drawer electrical outlets have become a popular, convenient and safe way for consumers to neatly store, charge and power their electrical devices while keeping their counters free from cord clutter - and many of the nation’s largest remodelers have taken notice.

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