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Gorgeous Spaces that Serve a Purpose: Spotlight Interview with Ciuffo Cabinetry

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For most people, furniture is something to sit on and cabinets are for storing things in. Ciuffo Cabinetry knows better. For over 100 years, they’ve operated on the principle that your home is a work of art. They’ve become a one of New York’s premier kitchen cabinet design and build firms by combining old world techniques with modern technology to create beautiful, functional spaces.

Think Outside the Kitchen: Clever Uses for In-Drawer Outlets in Every Room of the House


For over 25 years, Webber Coleman Woodworks has delighted their clients across Georgia and beyond with exceptionally well-crafted custom cabinetry for both residential and commercial projects. A “Best of Houzz” award winner who is constantly raising the bar with beautiful new designs, we wanted to find out more about their approach to remodeling and the clever ways in which they integrate Docking Drawer into their clients’ projects.

Why A Charging Drawer Is Better Than A Junk Drawer

Do you remember the kitchen you grew up in? Chances are it was filled with delicious smells and lots of laughter. Maybe you had a corded phone on the wall—a cord you’d stretch as far as you could while you talked to your best friend. Perhaps there was a junk drawer you’d dig through for pens, tape, paper clips, rubber bands, or some other item needed to complete your homework.

Clever and Convenient CPAP Storage Ideas

bedside table for cpapCPAP machines can be cumbersome, unorganized, and are difficult to store when not in use. Perhaps that’s why so many people make the investment, but then give up using their CPAP machine after just a few weeks. CPAP machines, also known as Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines according to the National Institute of Health,  use mild air pressure to keep an individual’s breathing airways open. CPAP machines are used to treat sleep-related breathing disorders such as sleep apnea and can also help people stop snoring. The problem comes in the design of the machine. Somewhat bulky, a mask and tubing connect to the machine’s motor, which blows air through the tube. These machines, when left out, are unsightly, and they tend to clutter up nightstands, dressers, and floors.

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