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Top Six Must-Have Features for any Kitchen Remodel

So, it’s time to remodel your kitchen. Whether enshrined in the eternal 80’s with soft pink countertops, or you’re just looking for reasons to refresh your appliances, don’t despair. There are lots of ways to remodel your kitchen. It will not only become the living centerpiece of your home, but a promising investment, too.

Docking Drawer's Feature on Carley K's Website

motiv1-650x975Did you hear? Docking Drawer was recently featured in Carley K's blog! And if you didn't know, Carley K is THE KNOWLEDGE CENTER when it comes to living well in a hyper-connected, tech-driven world. You can find her on The Today Show, HGTV, and The Inspired Home.

We were honored to be contacted by her and are thrilled to be featured in the recent blog, Banish Cord Clutter At Home With This Genius Product.

6 Tips to Keep Your Counters Clear in this New Year

Keep Your Counters Clear in the New Year

The New Year is here - happy 2019! Have you stuck to your list of new year’s resolutions yet?

Coming up with new year's resolutions may seem daunting, but the truth is they don’t all have to be huge, monumental changes to still make a big impact. Making small, tangible and more manageable resolutions can help you actually stick to them and feel accomplished past the first few weeks of the year.

5 Ways to Make Your Mudroom Really Work for You


Your mudroom is not only the last place you grab things as you rush out the door, it’s also the first space you see when you get home. Because of this, your mudroom ideally should be both practical and presentable - nobody wants to come home after a long day to a mess of coats and shoes on the floor!

In-Drawer Outlets: From Fad to a Standard Feature in 5 Years


Sometimes it’s hard to believe that just five years ago there virtually were no in-drawer electrical outlets. When Docking Drawer began, we created a brand new product to help solve the growing issue of cord-clutter in a smart, simple and safe way.

Docking Drawer: Smart. Simple. Safe In-Drawer Outlets.


Here at Docking Drawer, we’re committed to creating innovative electrical products that truly help, while maintaining the highest levels of safety at all times. Smart. Simple. Safe. It’s how we started, and it’s how we will always be.

The One Upgrade Your Perfect Nightstand is Missing


When is the last time you thought about your nightstand? While it may not be on the top of your mind, it is something that you use everyday. It faithfully holds your nightly water cups, reading glasses, books of the week, and a variety of other odds and ends. But is your nightstand working the best for you that it could be? Chances are, it's missing this one major upgrade: electrical outlets. 

Conquer Pesky Electronic Clutter With In-Drawer Docking Stations

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 5.18.24 PM

Did you see us featured on Houzz? If not, read the full article below or on Houzz's website here!

Chances are you’re reading this article on your laptop, tablet or phone. When you’re ready to charge that device, the cords will likely clutter up your desk, kitchen counter or nightstand — and your overall design. But that doesn’t have to be the case. New York designers Gary Ciuffo of Ciuffo Cabinetry in Deer Park and Sarah Robertson of Studio Dearborn in Mamaroneck partnered with Docking Drawer, a pioneer of in-drawer electrical outlets, to share tips for safely installing a cutting-edge in-drawer charging or powering station and battling cord management.

Benefits of Our New Blade Series In-drawer Charging Outlets

Screenshot 2018-07-13 at 2.04.01 PM

At Docking Drawer, we're always striving to provide you with safe, innovative, cutting-edge electrical products to help make your lives easier. Technology is a part of our everyday lives now, and with that comes the need to charge, power and store our many different devices.

We created our original Blade and Blade Duo Series in-drawer charging outlets to help you clear the cord clutter off your counters and provide a safe way to charge your cell phones, tablets, laptops, fitness trackers and more - all tucked away in a drawer. These original charging outlets were a huge hit, but we also made sure to listen to you to see what could make them even better. And that's why we're now releasing the NEW Blade and Blade Duo Series.

Style Drawer Blade Mounting Techniques FAQ

Blog Header - 3 Ways to Mount.jpg

Keep innovating. That’s what we’re all about at Docking Drawer. And maybe that’s why our latest in-drawer outlet—The Docking Drawer Style Drawer Blade Outlet—is so unique from its predecessors. What’s so special about it? This outlet can actually be mounted three different ways. This means the outlet can be installed into more drawer sizes.

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