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Gorgeous Spaces that Serve a Purpose: Spotlight Interview with Ciuffo Cabinetry

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For most people, furniture is something to sit on and cabinets are for storing things in. Ciuffo Cabinetry knows better. For over 100 years, they’ve operated on the principle that your home is a work of art. They’ve become a one of New York’s premier kitchen cabinet design and build firms by combining old world techniques with modern technology to create beautiful, functional spaces.

Think Outside the Kitchen: Clever Uses for In-Drawer Outlets in Every Room of the House


For over 25 years, Webber Coleman Woodworks has delighted their clients across Georgia and beyond with exceptionally well-crafted custom cabinetry for both residential and commercial projects. A “Best of Houzz” award winner who is constantly raising the bar with beautiful new designs, we wanted to find out more about their approach to remodeling and the clever ways in which they integrate Docking Drawer into their clients’ projects.

Live Well in Small Bathroom Spaces

We’ve all been there – the small bathroom. Almost nothing is more frustrating in your living space than this. Whether it’s in your forever home or your temporary one, there are some great ways that you can expand your tiny bath and make it a space you’re comfortable being in. If you need even more inspiration, be sure to visit our Bathroom Ideas Pinterest board following this blog.

Clear Bathroom Clutter with Outlets from Docking Drawer

Are you cringing thinking of just how messy your bathroom countertops are right now? We spend a lot of time in bathrooms. Women blow dry, straighten, and even curl their hair plus use electric shavers and toothbrushes. Meanwhile men use electric razors and trimmers.  What’s more, everything is fighting for counter space. At Docking Drawer, we believe there’s a better way to tame and organize that bathroom clutter–and it all begins with an in-drawer power outlet.

How to Specify and Plan an In-Drawer Outlet into your Projects

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Sure, you’ve heard about Docking Drawer outlets–but do you know how to add an in-drawer outlet into your cabinets?

Remember: Install In-Drawer Outlets Safely

Unlike popular DIY in-drawer power strips or your contractor using off the shelf electrical components, Docking Drawer in-drawer outlets are safe and reliable. Additionally, they offer interlocking safety features that cut power to the outlet in the event of an emergency to help minimize risk. In-drawer electrical strip hacks can't do that!

Specifying a Docking Drawer in-drawer outlet is easy as long as you plan ahead. We’ve made it simple to learn our specification process and this blog will walk you through those steps one at a time.

DIY In-Drawer Outlet Solutions - Don’t Let Your Drawers Explode

Don’t be content thinking that a post-inspector, in-drawer electrical outlet solution added to your kitchen or bathroom drawer is safe!

At Docking Drawer, we’ve stressed that this popular DIY hack can cause a variety of problems. Take for instance what happened to one of Gary Ciuffo’s (Ciuffo Cabinetry) customers.

Rohan Designs: A Photo Bucks Winner

A place with a view. That’s what one couple invested in, in their new home. It was quaint and, like those around it, built sometime in the 60s or 70s. What’s more, the small 1,000 square foot home hadn’t seen any kind of renovation since its walls were first built. With a 70s vibe that relied on fake pressboard and dark wood, the homeowners knew something had to be done to make the home more modern. Their first step was to bring in a contractor who did a major remodel. From removing interior walls to changing up the roofline, the investment was slowly starting to look like a home for the owners.

Against the Grain: The Dyson Hair Dryer

It’s not easy to go against the grain. Take the hair dryer, for example. Most of us have used a hair dryer at some point in our lives. It’s a love/hate relationship. The tool that helps you dry your hair also tends to dry it out, dulls its shine, and may even cause tangles. And while your current hair dryer may have settings such as low or high and warm or cool, there’s only so much of a difference between brands you see at the drugstore.

Hip Bathroom Remodel Ideas

When it comes time to remodel your bathroom, it’s important to dream big. That’s because everything from your shower to your tile can now speak to your unique personality. The bathroom remodel industry is huge and it’s only steaming ahead as we approach the end of the year. Below, we’re sharing some of the very best bathroom remodel ideas that we’ve come across over the last few weeks, ensuring your bathroom stays as hip as possible.

Cabinet Companies Now Offer Pre-Specified Docking Drawer Outlets

No one likes to run out of outlet space. Of course, with all of the technology we have on hand today, running out of outlet space is a near certainty. Luckily, cabinet companies across the U.S. have the solution for you.

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