Docking Drawer

Narrow Drawer Installation Pro-Tip

Style Drawer Blade and Flush series outlets are able to fit into narrower drawers with a little bit of planning.

If your drawer box is narrower than the "Minimum Width Behind Drawer Box" specification found on our literature, look to the spaces to the left and right of the drawer box and consider adding a channel or creating open space to allow the cable management arms room to function.

We built this demo drawer to illustrate how the concept can work in your projects. The channel is simple to create. In kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities, you can gain up to an 1 1/2" of "Width Behind the Drawer Box" if your cabinets utilize 3/4" side frames. In bathroom vanities, typically the channel opens up into dead space underneath the sink.


(Docking Drawer Slim outlet pictured. Same concept of channeling out the side walls of the cabinet applies to the Style Drawer Blade and Style Drawer Flush Series outlets.

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